Biography of the Universe:
The First Pulse of Time
to the Present
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Author: David Lee Williamson
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Biography Of The Universe:
The First Pulse of Time to the Present

Are you seeking a deeper connection to your interdimensional self?
David Lee Williamson DD c. 2007

Do you identify with your higher self or do you see this part of you as separate from you?

Below you will be shown an interdimensional experience I had that changed my life and inspired me to let my light shine.

The Initiation

The Ceremony

The lights in the room where we are gathered have been turned off, even the one light that likes to come on and fade out of its own accord. Tonight our assembly is draped in just the right fluttering of shadows and faint glimmers to accentuate the evening's ceremony or prophecy. Every meeting of ours is unique. We never know just what to expect.

Light filters in dimly from the veranda through the closed shades, allowing us to see our luxurious surroundings ever so slightly. Tonight our select assemblage of friends and family sit comfortably in our circle of chairs and recliners, including an overstuffed, pampering, brown leather sofa that cradles those who get to it first.

I myself prefer one of the wooden chairs from the kitchen. I enjoy the way it allows me to sit in a posture more conducive to the energies and consciousness we are calling forth tonight.

The ceremony is beginning.

We are joined by a multitude of ethereal and non-elemental entities who have transported, some from across the universe, in order to observe what we are doing here tonight. They know how powerful our work is and that we are performing it for the planet. Our visitors are eager to join us in this raising of consciousness.

Our host and those who feel led to join him remain standing as they prepare their ethereal bodies. They open their receptive channels, allowing interdimensional consciousness to pour forth through their hands onto those of who feel led to receive tonight, as we are all bathed in pure consciousness.

I love to open my ethereal body to the other dimensions. Grace cascades through my being, filling those in the circle with whatever is needed to raise our consciousness as we head beyond Love and Joy, up through Peace and into pure Enlightenment, connected always with the minds of our ethereal friends and family.

Tonight, though, I am led to remain seated during the ceremony. My chair is facing and centered on the coffee table in the middle of the room. My lovely mate is seated to my left.

I am extremely blessed to have a powerful partner by my side, who supports me through all my endeavors. We have participated in many incarnations together and have chosen to experience this life side by side for reasons that we are just discovering. Tonight we will find out even more!

As the ceremony begins, entraining music relaxes us from the day and opens us to higher dimensions of experience. The hues of the energy swirl throughout our gathering, soothing me as I bathe myself in it. I am amazed at how many entities have come together with us tonight. It is a much larger entourage than is usual for one of our gatherings.

Suddenly there is a bustle throughout this ethereal entourage, as even more powerful entities arrive at the center of our gathering. A hush falls over the group of entities. As one, they step back to the outer perimeters.

I am suddenly awestruck as my original Father and Mother, Pan and Nammu, approach me, lovingly placing their gentle, soothing hands upon my shoulders.

It has been a long time since they have come to me in person, and I am so delighted I am unable to speak. Without warning, they proceed to lift me up by my shoulders, and I glide up out of my elemental body as Pan and Nammu carry me over to the middle of the room where there is an altar.

Simple in design, it is about three feet tall with a burnished golden base and is draped in shimmering, earth-toned material of some sort. I notice that the draping is soft and subtle as I experience myself being placed on this altar, delighted to be surrounded at this time by so many of the old friends and family I have not seen for millennia.

But the most astounding part of this reunion is that I am also sitting in my chair, on the perimeter of the room, watching all of this happen right before me. Completely aware of the experience I am having of being gently placed on the altar, from the altar I can also see myself sitting, with widened eyes, in a chair on the edge of the gathering, watching me as I am placed on the altar.

The light streaming down onto me through the ethers is intense. The energy of the light completely permeates my being as they begin to perform an intricate ritual on me. Deep, dynamic chanting emerges from the entourage of light beings filling the room. The music that accompanied the beginning of our ceremony can no longer be heard.

Energy pulses through me as pressure points are systematically applied to different points on my body. As I lay there like a limp rag doll, unable to otherwise respond to this sudden and wonderful experience, Archangel Michael moves toward me from the entourage of visitors and begins to anoint me with pungent and sweet, warm, and soothing ethereal ointments.

In the expanding silence, Pan and Nammu stand in front of me in golden robes. Pan's robe is trimmed in purple, and Nammu's has trimmings of ocher tones meshed within shimmering gold. They embrace me and sit me up upon the altar, each taking and lifting up one of my hands, then turn to the gathered entities, who have broken into celebratory cheers. I was given to understand that there is a celebration on the "other side" as each of us awakens on this side.

It is spooky, seeing myself watching myself and watching myself seeing myself at the same time.

Pan turns to me, saying, "It is time that you be awakened. The experiment is ending. We have been successful. The consciousness of the planet has risen past the marker and is about to ascend beyond the highest levels of consciousness attained anywhere in the universe, until now. Soon this expansive consciousness will spread throughout the whole universe."

To be continued...

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Author: David Williamson


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