Biography of the Universe:
The First Pulse of Time
to the Present
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Author: David Lee Williamson
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Biography Of The Universe:
The First Pulse of Time to the Present

Author: David Williamson


(David Williamson)

You talk about the imprint of perpetrator/victim consciousness on all of us. Can you describe this phenomenon, how or when it occurs?

First of all, perpetrator and victim are both the same consciousness. Psychology calls it "fight or flight" and lumps both together in "survival mode". Those who express the normally defined "victim" consciousness collapse into hopeless inability to change their experience, while "perpetrators" attempt to change their experience by lashing out at what they perceive to be threatening, in an attempt avoid collapsing into their sense of being a "victim".

Examples of "victims" are easily recognized. However, here are some examples of "perpetrators" attempting to not be "victims".

Hitler was "afraid" that the Jewish community, gays etc. would contaminate, what he considered, the "purity" of the Aryan race. His solution, therefore, was that they all had to be destroyed.

The rulers of Spain, Isabel and Ferdinand, were "afraid" that those who practiced any other faith than Catholicism would contaminate the, perceived, "purity" of the faith of the people under their domain. They launched the Inquisition to make sure the "impurities", they feared, were not allowed to exist.

The leaders of Salem could not allow the contamination of, what they believed was, their "pure" religious community and anything that they could possibly consider to be impure, had to be, wiped out.

Even those we romantically refer to as the Lemurians considered themselves the only pure human culture. Anyone whom they considered to be acting outside of the purity ethics they laid down, were exiled to nearly certain death.

This same consciousness was the cause of the galactic wars that led to so many problemsin our creation. Every culture that thought they were the only "Pure" culture, reactivelyfelt the need to protect their culture from the impure cultures around them by tryingto destroy them.

We all knew when we chose to create this universe what it would take to fragment and propel us from a singularity to a seemingly endless universe of diversity.

When we first awakened, we retained the innate understanding that we were a oneness, though we had no memory. Our first experiences were of now and then. As we experienced being "now" and remembered "then" there seemed to be more of us than before. After awhile, we began to entertain ideas of a future.

Experiences of movement within us gave us ideas of "here" and "there". The feeling of expansion we had at that time, resulted from our experiences of becoming more. Within our being, we began identifying "this" and "that" part of our self.

This was all the beginning of the creation of this universe and yet we still identified "all that is" within our oneness. "I AM THAT" was our only experience up to this point in our creation.

It was when we began to imagine something else was with us, that we entertained that maybe "I AM not THAT". The illusion of duality was born within us at that time. Our experience of touching something, that seemed to not be us, was such a shock (as we knew it would be when we chose to create this universe) that it catapulted our consciousness into an expansion that has fragmented us into the creation we experience at this time.

That was the first imprinting of "victim/perpetrator" consciousness. One part of us experienced being struck and shoved into a nightmare of terror and pain, as it took on the "victim" consciousness necessary for the expansion of the universe. Another part of us had been annoyed by the constant movement that awakened it from its blissful sleep and shoved whatever it was that was bothering it away, becoming the "perpetrator" protecting its self from what it identified as a "perpetrator" that had been bothering it.

These imprints have been active within all of us, since then, being activated whenever we did not enjoy our experience. We could choose to dive to the depths of "victim-hood" hiding in helplessness or to dive to the depths of "perpetrator" protecting our self from what we did not want to feel. Our consciousness is only now coming into balance as we are awakening from the illusion that has kept us lost and stuck in duality.

Once we accept the empowerment that comes from knowing that we create our own experience, then we are able to accept that we chose either to be a victim or perpetrator and we can then feel free to choose differently. Our understanding that we are not being harmed by something, which does not feel good to us, gives us the freedom to rise above victim consciousness or the need to attack back. Unconditional love is born within us when we rise above survival mode.

2. Talking about the partner from the beginning, is this a parallel for what some refer to as soul mates?

When the illusion of duality brought about the separation in consciousness of the male and female, (the electro and magnetic) there was no real peace or satisfaction until the male and female essence found a way to bond again.

As each of us chose our own separate paths of experience and separated from the original parental essence, it was a very difficult journey before we found a way to bond with our partnering essence.

The human being was one of the first successful ways we found to establish a connection between both essences in a mutual partnership rather than an imposed relationship. All humans are a joint relationship of male and female essence.

Because of fragmentation, we are a group and we exist in more than one incarnation at a time. Just as we are fragments of the original parental essence, we have fragments of us who made the choice to go their own experiential ways. When we meet another part of us, a great attraction occurs and when we find ways to bond with each other, it brings us great comfort and joy. In this way, we are "soul mates" or rather "essence mates" and rejoining is extremely pleasurable and rewarding.

3. What do you mean by the power of "I AM"? This has a reference to the Savior for most folks.

"I AM" is actually the name, in Exodus 3:14, that "God" told Moses, from the "burning bush", was his name.

This reference could come from John 6:35 where Jesus says, "I am the bread of life:"

Or John 8:12 where he says, "I am the light of the world:"

And in John 8:58 Jesus says, "Before Abraham was, I am." (Notice he states this in the present because he is in "NOW" time)

That is the power of "I AM". "I AM" puts you in "NOW" time and is our connection to "Source". Making this statement and feeling what it really means begins the process of your creations.

4. Can you explain what focus communication is?

From the beginning of this universe, we communicated inter-dimensionally, sort of like, what we call telepathy today. This was not an "all out" broadcast of our every thought and feeling, though. You can imagine what it would be like if everyone in the office or store had his or her own radio turned on and tuned to a different station. The jumble of messages would be confusing to say the least.

Focus communication is the process of focusing your attention on someone you choose to communicate with (tuning in or dialing in). If they tune back in to you, then you both can communicate.

This form of communication is not limited by distance or space. We are able to communicate with anyone anywhere if they return the focus and tune in to us.
The recent restructuring of the planetís magnetic and crystalline grid system has begun the re-activation of many of these interdimensional aspects of our essence.

5. Do you believe that we create our own reality? "The Secret" states that by saying, "I am sick" or "I am worthwhile" we create it. How does your book address this?

I want to again convey to you the power of "I AM"! Whenever we think or say the phrase "I am," we are instantly connected to Source. The experience we create for ourselves immediately following that phrase is our choice.

Modern physics understands that "intent" influences elemental matter. Focusing our intent and experiencing the outcome of our intent in NOW time, using "I AM" is a powerful creation tool.

During our voluntary experiment in amnesia, we did not know who we are. We would say, "I am a victim," "I am sick," "I am poor," "I am angry or vindictive," and so on, and that was our experience.

Now, as we awaken, we are beginning to understand that by following the thought or statement "I am" with a similar disempowering description means that we will again create a similar experience. Having an awareness and remembrance of our Divinity is what allows us to choose to follow our connection to "all that is" by completing the statement "I AM" with different choices.

"I AM divine love," "I AM whole," "I AM in perfect health," "I AM surrounded with universal abundance" and so on can now be our manifestations. The choice is ours. As we have seen, we are unlimited in our creations. Now we realize that the quality of our experience is up to us.

6. What do you say to investigators who want tangible proof of your findings -- i.e. primates on the Vega System or the existence of the mental beings in the Central Sun system?

Tangible proof of something that contradicts an investigators discipline and theory will always be classified as anomalous and unexplained by them, at best, and I have no desire to argue with or try to change anyoneís belief system.

I only offer you my memories. There is plenty of proof of fantastic ancient civilizations in many places around the planet. They built cities and structures that we would be unable to build today, even with all of our machinery and technology, and we are expected to accept that some early humans, who could barely chip stones to make tools, accomplished this.

Some examples that are very well researched, with information available in books and online are--

  1. The walls at Sacsahuaman built with massive stones weighing up to 300 tons or more. These stones were quarried miles away and somehow transported across streams and valleys as they were hauled over the mountains.

  2. At Tiahuanacu, the Gate of the Sun is formed from a single stone and weighs more than 100 tons. The facts that Tiahuanacu, situated today in the tops of the mountains, was once engulfed by an inundation of water, that the area was shaken by huge geological upheavals since its inception and that its harbors are now 100 feet higher than the present level of Lake Titicaca is undisputed.

  3. Six colossal monoliths, at Ollantaytambu, weigh up to 250 tons each. They were hauled up the slopes to stand on the fortressís highest terrace.

  4. There is a platform 4000 feet up in the mountains of Lebanon that composes over five million square feet in area. The numerous slabs that form the western side of Baalbek, weigh more than 500 tons each. However, the three central stones weigh, incredibly, more than 1000 tons each. These slabs of stone were quarried three quarters of a mile down the mountain. The quarry still contains a slab weighing 1200 tons that was never used.

There are many more examples of these unexplained ancient feats.

7. How does the individual consciousness relate to our difficulties today with race and culture separation?

This is what each of us are all healing within our own consciousness at this time. This separation consciousness has existed since the first time our consciousness touched and experienced the illusion of something that was separate from who we are. This consciousness did help in the expansion of the universe as we had planned.

However, the time has come for us to balance and heal any separation consciousness that claims to be the only pure and correct consciousness. It is no longer acceptable, in the new energy, for our consciousness to be pushing away or even attempting to destroy other expressions just because they are different than the expression we choose.

8. How can we relate your deeper meaning of beginning, being, numerous universes and entities, to the standard Judeo-Christian belief system?

We cannot compare our eternal life experience to the standard Judeo-Christian belief system. You are here to connect to your own memories. I hope the memories I relate in Biography of the Universe help you to find your connection. I am not offering a new belief system. I only share with you my experiences throughout eternity.

The Christian Bible mentions very little about our lives before the flood. It does mention the plurality of those who brought forth their creations of the many life forms on the planet, including the Earth Human in Genesis 1:26 "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness."

There were cities built before the flood. In Genesis 4:17 it is told of Cain "and he builded a city and called the name of the city, after the name of his son, Enoch." This same chapter tells of the development of musical instruments as well as the beginnings of metallurgy, with the development of the skills of working brass and iron.

All of these great developments happened before the family lineage that encompasses the stories in the Bible. The very long lives of those who lived before the flood are documented in Genesis along with the mention of how the children of the plurality of beings that created the Earth human bred with the earth humans. In Genesis 6:4, it is stated that the offspring of this interbreeding "became mighty men which were of old, men of renown".

The Bible is based on the experiences of one family tribe and their incarnations throughout the experiment that we have been carrying out since the flood. This test is just now coming to completion as we come into our Ascension process.
The Vedas are much earlier documents than the Bible and give us a much more in depth account of times on earth before the flood. Hidden in monasteries in the east they were protected from the destructive wars of the Middle East that destroyed so much of written history.

The memories that I share in Biography of the Universe arise from the experiences I created on my path. Those who emerged and remained in the Central Sun system have their own experiences to share, as do those who spent most of their existence in other star systems.

One day I hope to be able to read of the experiences you had throughout eternity.

9. How does this universal knowledge relate to other religious beliefs? Do their purposes in our reality come together some how?

Religions offer a beautiful diversity of culture and family spirit. As humans we love ceremony, ritual and purpose. The many different lifestyles given to us by religion and culture paint a majestic picture of humanity.

It is only when a religion demands separation consciousness from its members and considers its teachings to be the only true teachings and its members to be the only ones who deserve to live or receive eternal life that a great imbalance occurs.

The new energy of the planet will no longer support this kind of consciousness.

10. Why are the understandings of our Oneness, and the conception of universe so important?

Understanding our Oneness empowers us. When we experience being united with all that is, we know that we are unlimited. We know that we can do anything. We are connected to all knowledge and wisdom throughout the universe. Every dream we have is possible from this consciousness.

The process of creation steps:

  • Core concept
  • Each new universe=forgetting our real nature
  • Dissemination throughout the universe
  • Experiential journeys
  • Fragmented essence
  • Remembrance of Source
  • Consciousness of remembrance spreads
  • New core concept created

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Author: David Williamson


Author: David Williamson


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