Biography of the Universe:
The First Pulse of Time
to the Present
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Author: David Lee Williamson
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Biography Of The Universe:
The First Pulse of Time to the Present

Author: David Williamson
Who are we? What is the purpose of life? Why does it "seem" that the "good" suffer and the "wicked" are rewarded? In Biography Of The Universe: The First Pulse of Time to the Present (Wisdom House Books - January 7, 2008), Dr. David Lee Williamson leads us through our experiences during the initial creation of this universe and reminds us of our adventures as we fragmented into manifestation to experience every nuance of our new universe.

As our consciousness reawakens into a new paradigm, having healed the remnants of victim / perpetrator imprints, many of us are remembering our Divine origins. Some have been able to accept a veiled understanding of our eternal life into the future, however, as these thick veils dissipate our eternal life from the past is becoming more than just minute, transient, fleeting feelings. We are awakening to who we are and re-experiencing our oneness as the separation illusion is accepted for what it is.

The individualized consciousness we each experience is a blessing. Our past memories and future memories are becoming more freely available to us as we learn to navigate our consciousness, no longer being stuck in or cut off from the totality of who we are. The joy of being free to be and create whatever we choose fills us with great purpose as we begin reuniting with our great family again and co-creating our new heaven and our new earth.

Dr. David Lee Williamson D.D.


1) What is your main message?

The main intention I have for this book is that will raise each person's consciousness into the understanding of being an eternal being. Everyone's consciousness has been in the act of creation since the first pulse of time, actually even before that, but I choose to stay focused on this universe for now.

By realizing and experiencing being an eternal being, one's consciousness will then start yearning to know what we have been doing for all of eternity. There is much empowerment in remembering who we are. We are all stirring as we begin awakening from the long slumber the planet has been draped in.

Every reminiscence links us to more of our memories as our voluntary amnesia begins to dissipate, the veils lift and the mist clears.

2) What inspired and motivated you to write this book?

Growing up, the memories that would drift through my consciousness filled me with a great curiosity as to what they could mean. I was intrigued and filled with wonder at first, not knowing why I had memories of doing things that I knew I had never done.

Being fascinated with ancient things led me to study the distant past. As a boy, the library was my favorite haunt and Greek and Roman history fascinated me. When I discovered the Bible, its stories were about even older times. Whether Greece, Egypt, Israel or Babylon, the scenes these stories painted were like letters from home.

While in Europe, even older manuscripts in secluded library vaults were presented to me. It baffled me that these texts had never been included in the Bible or any history books. However, my fleeting memories seemed to be even older than these.

When later my studies and practice of many diverse healing modalities led me to learn hypnosis, my discovery of past life regression guided me to fascinating memories of previous recent incarnations and also more ancient and primordial experiences than anything found in any manuscript.

Doubting my, possible, sanity, it was a while before I could share these memories with even my wife. When Myra also shared some of her private memories with me, we could only laugh at how many of them were interconnected with mine.

Myra inspired me to record these memories in a journal, but they were our private memories. These memories were so wonderful and empowering I wished to share them with everyone - but who would believe them anyway. Then we met some likeminded friends and found out that we were not alone and there were others with higher consciousness. The inspiration and support our new family of friends gave us compelled me to get serious and compose these memories into book form and through the dedication of my extraordinary editor, Patricia Horan, Biography of the Universe is now ready to share with the world.

3) Is Biography of the Universe channeled information?

Channeled information comes from an entity other than the one being the channel. It is a process that has been a necessary way to access higher consciousness up until now. As we all begin to re-awaken to our eternal selves, we are remembering what we have been doing throughout eternity.

This is how Biography of the Universe was written. The information for the book came from within me as I remembered so many wonderful and empowering aspects of my being. All of us are slowly awakening from our voluntary amnesia and remembering.

I am blessed to be able to share these memories with those on the planet to trigger personal memories that empower each of us to be able to access beyond duality and unify their whole existence to a oneness with all of one's self. This consciousness will lead us all into direct access to "The Oneness" of all that is.

4) It is commonly believed that Humans evolved from primates. There is a less common view that extraterrestrials, through genetic manipulation of primates, designed Humans. How did we get here?

The extraterrestrials that did design Earth humans from an already well-advanced Earth primate were human. The human form is one of the favorite incarnational modes used to experience manifestation throughout the cosmos.

We normally think of extraterrestrials as strange alien looking beings and there are incarnational forms that are very different from humans. However, the Human Being is the favorite incarnational form. Humans do come in different shapes and sizes just like we do on earth. Skin, hair, height and width are shaped by the many diverse environments on the endless number of planets throughout the star systems we inhabit.

Earth humans are different in that we have free will. That is, our emotional body being is free to give its input and decide if it chooses to cooperate with its mental body counterpart. Unlike humans elsewhere, our emotional bodies are on equal grounds with our mental bodies on earth.

5) So where did these extraterrestrial humans come from?

In an attempt at unifying the emotional and mental body beings, Pan designed a solution he called the Triad Merger. His design merged a mental and an emotional consciousness to incarnate within an elemental form. Most elemental incarnations throughout the universe now use this design.

The Human Being came from a Triad Merger using the elemental form of a special primate that had evolved on the planet Vega in a star system of the constellation Lyra. The primate form most closely resembled the ethereal form expressed by the Central Sun beings and so human form was immediately a hit with those wishing to experience incarnations in the denser elemental realms and quickly spread everywhere.

One piece of trivia that amuses me is that the primate that evolved on Vega came from primate stock that was imported there millions of years earlier from earth during the creation of one of the garden worlds that were so in demand at that time.

6) Did the earth humans that were designed by these extraterrestrials consider their designers Gods?

At that time, the consciousness of the incarnating mental and emotional body beings retained their interdimensionality and we all knew who we were. We had not yet volunteered for the experiment that called for thick veils of duality and resulted in a powerful form of amnesia. We knew who we were and we knew who had designed the form that we were incarnated within.

Before the Triad merger with the advanced primate form that we developed from the naturally evolving earth primates, we had developed these primates as task animals. They were treated the same as animals that help us to perform tasks are treated today. Some were treated like family and spoiled by those who they served and some were mistreated.

When the mistreatment became severe in some of the colonies the extraterrestrials had built on earth. Those of us who designed them decided these primates were at the point in their development that their elemental form was ready, with a slight genetic adjustment, to use in Triad Merger trials.

As the primates bred, their offspring incarnated as humans in a Triad Merge. This had a halting effect on the mistreatment and the earth humans began to be treated as equals in most of the colonies.

When tablets telling of these times were discovered in the 1800s The consciousness of those deciphering the stories had no paradigm that could explain beings coming from the sky, flying, using fantastic weapons, healing and raising the dead. Their only explanations were that these were stories about the gods worshipped long ago.

7) If there really were advanced societies in prehistory, why is there no evidence for them?

Gaia only allowed subterranean dwellings on the planet. Surface dwellings are a recent development. Evidence for these subterranean cities have been found and repressed or destroyed. There are still people who think the earth is flat or that it is only 6000 years old. Those in charge of the archaeological evidence are of the same mindset.

Many books have been written documenting the evidence for our having been on earth for a long time, yet, those in control of the scientific disciplines are unable to fit the evidence into the paradigm of their theories and so they dismiss it out of hand.

Those in control of the "truth" once excommunicated and even killed anyone who dared to suggest the world was round or we orbited the sun. Now one can get excommunicated from their dedicated profession and have their reputation and career killed by the ones who are bent on controlling the theory of how it was.

8) So, who are Pan and some of the other characters in your story?

When Source awakened in the "void" they had placed themselves in, and we began the creation of this universe, we had the urge to begin dividing our consciousness into the roles necessary to experience everything that we could imagine.

The parental parts that chose the Central Sun as their home resolved to experience the universe in many diverse ways. Pan divided from the parental male consciousness, Dyeus, in order to experience the passions of the parental female consciousness, Nammu. Together Nammu and Pan explored the intense pleasures and sensations of density and divided themselves into who we are today. They are our parents and they are "we" at the beginning of our experience in time.

9) So where are you from and who are you?

The first time my consciousness emerged and became separate from Nammu's consciousness was in the darkness at the edge of the Central Sun System. The exquisite joy and ecstasy shared by Pan and Nammu allowed us to feel loved enough and safe enough to begin our separate path as our huge group of "free will" beings came forth.

Dyeus immediately exiled our group to earth. As "free will" beings, we have had a special affinity with earth, though we have extensively explored the far reaches of the universe. I am here today, as all of us are, to participate in the new consciousness that is blossoming today on the planet.

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1st Edition (January 7, 2008)
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Author: David Williamson


Author: David Williamson


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