Biography of the Universe:
The First Pulse of Time
to the Present
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Author: David Lee Williamson
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Biography Of The Universe:
The First Pulse of Time to the Present

Author: David Williamson
About the Author

David Lee Williamson D.D.,
of Healing Grace Ministries, interfaith and devoted to raising consciousness on the planet, lives in Princeton, Texas, with his wife Myra. Dedicated to the idea of his life as a spiritual journey, he traveled throughout Europe during the 1970's, following the leadings of spirit he discovered and studied ancient texts in various libraries during his journeys. In the 80's, David began practicing powerful healing modalities, including N.L.P., Reiki, and Hypnosis, which led to his study of past lives. This opened his consciousness to the greater understanding of his childhood memories and experiences that has made possible Biography of The Universe: The First Pulse of Time to the Present. David is also an Astrologer known for the unique astrological resources he offers on his website, AscensionAstrology.net. He enjoys the company of the two handsome grandsons given him by the eldest of his two wonderful stepsons.

Price: $18.99
ISBN 978-0-979126321 LCCN 2007932032
Paperback: 324 pages
Publisher: Two Moons Publishing - An Imprint Of Wisdom House Books
15455 Dallas Parkway, Suite 600, Dallas TX 75001 Tel. 866-583-9969
1st Edition (January 7, 2008)
Language: English
Stock Under: Body Mind Spirit / Spirituality / General

Author: David Williamson


Author: David Williamson


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