Biography of the Universe:
The First Pulse of Time
to the Present
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Author: David Lee Williamson
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Biography Of The Universe:
The First Pulse of Time to the Present

Would You Like To Know Some Of The Roots Of The Fear Of Rejection?
David Lee Williamson DD c. 2007

Do you have, even a slight, fear of rejection? Are you afraid of being alone?

This story of the Mothers original abandonment, which ultimately lasted billions of years, a seeming eternity, will help you to understand.

I watched them leaving in the silvery blue translucent vessel that had transported us to our exotic and secret hideaway. I waved and kept my eye on them till they appeared to be a tiny dot in the sky, hardly noticeable except for their movement, and then they disappeared.

Some fleeting thoughts passed through my mind wondering how long they would really take to travel home and take care of the problems and then return to get me. The way that they had pressured my magnetic essence had opened space and gotten us here rather quickly. I had no idea, though, how much faster we had gotten here than the time it would have taken for us to travel this far otherwise.

I trusted Pan, though, and he had promised that he would return right away, as soon as they took care of things. I was comforted by his promise because I had never been this alone since before Dyeus had collided with me in the darkness.

Even when Dyeus was out exploring and Phanes was out playing I always knew that Phanes would show back up within moments, if I needed him. But now there was no one to call. There were beings all around me in the garden but they were ethereal creations that really only existed for a short time in response to my desires that the elementals were able to perceive.

As I looked around things were too beautiful for me to remain in that frame of mind. After all Pan would be back before I knew it and then I would wish that I had had more fun while I was able to.

And so I decided that I was going to take advantage of this time alone. I was going to enjoy all of my fantasies during the brief stretch of time that I had before Pan and Dyeus came back to get me. Nibiru was magnificently beautiful in exceptional ways. Every desire that I could imagine was instantly granted to me by the elementals. This was a much more beautiful and magical gift than I felt that I could have ever imagined myself asking for.

The lush green flora showing off their deep colorful blossoms and exotic fauna continually changed to match my every whim. I imagined lovely creatures, flying through the skies. Envisioning these creatures to be of every shape and color I also proposed that such stunning beauty should also produce wondrous melodies for my enjoyment.

Other creatures danced and frolicked thru the gardens, parading their beauty, all for my enjoyment. Sometimes these beings would interact with me. Licking my face, scurrying around my feet even landing on my shoulder or arm endeared them to me even more.

Flowers sprang up everywhere, filling every field with splashes of colors. Some plants grew huge, becoming towering trees grouping themselves into huge shady forests. I loved to be surrounded by the trees in the forest as they towered high above me on every side. Their dark rich colors offered me comfort and feelings of well - being.

As I strolled thru the forests there were areas where I would enter into an expansive pasture carpeted with patches of color. The gorgeous flowers in these fields were moist with nectars and bursting with fragrances that I could lay down in satiating myself to my heart's content.

The gardens that appeared rivaled even those parklands fashioned by Dyeus on the worlds around the Central Sun. I was surrounded myself with every conceivable flower possible from small delicate buds to flowers, which were large enough for me to climb into and wrap myself in their petals.

Bouquets of fresh blossoms cascaded down the mountains and even floated thru the waters. The fragrance of the aromas wafting from the vast assemblages of colors brought me to the point of giddiness.

Creatures of every whimsical form that I could imagine, encompassing the whole scale of sizes from tiny butterflies to animals as tall as trees, were everywhere. I had decorated them with every possible color scheme. Some scurried thru the trees while others pranced thru the forests and fields.

Most of these creatures were tiny little beings. They inhabited the landscapes all over Nibiru, but some of these fantastic animals were large enough that I would climb up onto them and go for rides around my gardens with them. The creatures were wonderfully playful and we had a festive time frolicking together since they enjoyed entertaining me.

After a very prolonged span of time of being filled with wonder and happiness, I allowed myself to notice that Pan and Dyeus had not yet returned to get me and take me back home. I tried to keep on playing and enjoying myself until I just couldn't deny the fact anymore that it seemed possible that Dyeus and Pan may never come back to Nibiru to get me and take me home.

My imagination went rampant here, as I tried to make sense of their failure to quickly return here and take me back with them. They had promised me, upon their departure, that they would be right back. They were just going to go and see what troubles were brewing back home, fix things and return again to get me.

Once I started to sink into my fears here things started to go down hill. The blessings that I had enjoyed when all of the good things I imagined were granted by the elementals began to turn. I now began to live out all of my fears and terrors in full-blown reality.

I had no understanding of what was happening to me or what was causing the beauty to dissolve around me. I didn't correlate my plight with the wonderful gift I previously had been thankful for. The elementals faithfully constructed everything they picked up on in my feelings.

I would never have believed that Dyeus and Pan would have forgotten about me, or I would have immediately gone with them. I couldn't understand how it was possible that they could have abandoned me, especially Pan.

I knew Dyeus looked down on me, however, I thought that Pan and I had something special. I was left alone on Nibiru, abandoned for hundreds of millions of years, with no understandings and no one to hold me and comfort me.

Pan and Dyeus thought that they were giving me something wonderful by creating this world for me. What they didn't know was that they had left me at the mercy of a merciless going away present.

I panicked at the thought of being alone, maybe for all eternity, without those that I loved. My emotions went wild with worry and terror and grief.

Whenever I would cry my bitter tears, the skies would open up and there would a huge flooding downpour. This would bring about the washing away of all of the previous creations the elementals had given me. I would grieve at the great loss and destruction that now needed to be cleaned up.

Then I would become enraged at myself berating myself viciously. The elementals would then cause fire and molten rock to pour forth incinerating and covering over whatever was left leaving no trace of the paradise I had previously imagined.

Freezing in terror, afraid of the consequences of everything that I felt, I stood there in horror watching helplessly. Then what began happening around me seemed to be unstoppable. The elementals were bringing about a bitter cold. As this frigid weather descended over Nibiru, massive grinding sheets of ice formed and began covering everything. These plates of ice ground into dust anything that had previously been created.

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Author: David Williamson


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