Biography of the Universe:
The First Pulse of Time
to the Present
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Author: David Lee Williamson
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Biography Of The Universe:
The First Pulse of Time to the Present

Have You Ever Wondered Where The Mythology Of Dragons Came From?
David Lee Williamson DD c. 2007

Where did the ideas of dragons originate? What makes this image so powerful for us?

You will find the answers to these questions here as you enjoy this true story.

First of all, let's address the consciousness that has prevailed since we awakened in the Void. At the moment, of awakening in the Void, we were imprinted on the deepest levels of our beings with perpetrator/victim consciousness.

We are at present awakening from the research trials designed to balance and heal this disempowering consciousness and we have been successful. The understanding that the idea of being victim or perpetrator is but an illusion is infusing into consciousness.

The empowering consciousness that acknowledges that we are the creators of our experience is giving more and more of us the power to ascend above the illusion of being powerless.

What we have created in the past, we are able to recreate to match what we choose now.

We had a glorious civilization on Earth that developed and existed for 18 million years on this planet until it suddenly ended 8 million years ago. This society was a miraculous cooperation between the Dinoids, the Reptoids and the first sentient beings we had been able to evolve on earth. This first success in our development of a sentient elemental form was a joint union of an elemental body and an emotional body.

These renegade reptilian beings were the first of their race to entertain the consciousness that cooperation was more productive than the "conquer, destroy and plunder" consciousness their races held at that time. This is where Dragons were romanticized. The ships that orbited the Earth and provided transportation and protective service to the planet were designed to appear as dragons and were celebrated in our society.

The Great Civilization, we had developed on Earth, was finally discovered by the Grand Reptilian Council when their fame spread to the Orion Alliance. When confronted the two reptilian groups reluctantly submitted to threats from the Orion Alliance. They were ordered to end the cooperation with and conquer the original sentient race we developed on earth.

Discovering their plans in time we defeated their plans to conquer the planet. The destruction was great and the landmasses became, almost, totally uninhabitable for a long time. Half of the sentient society entered the seas and developed into the cetacean race. The other half left the planet, with us, to wait for a time when the landmasses could be inhabited again and to work with us in the development of the triad union that would be the human being.

Without going through the whole history of the evolution of the Human form, the spread of Humans throughout the galaxy and back to Earth and the many dramas that have led us to this time. I just want you to know that beings from many races throughout the galaxy have joined in this great project that is healing the consciousness and empowering us all as powerful creative beings.

Many beings wanted to end the conflicts and joined the, extremely controversial, experimental trials developed by Pan and Nammu with cooperation of a renegade group of Pleiadians here on Earth. No matter what race they came from they agreed to take on the purposefully mutated DNA Earth Human form has taken on until now.

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Author: David Williamson


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