Biography of the Universe:
The First Pulse of Time
to the Present
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Author: David Lee Williamson
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Biography Of The Universe:
The First Pulse of Time to the Present

Are You Taking Charge Of Your Ascension To Higher Consciousness And Total Remembrance?
David Lee Williamson DD c. 2007

What are you doing to awaken to who you really are?

Continued from a previous writing...

At the time, we had a normal lifespan of two thousand to three thousand years. With a little extra balancing, we had been easily able to extend this life span to eighteen thousand years, and even indefinitely.

After just a couple of thousand of those years in incarnation, most of us were ready for a change. Our families celebrated our shorter life spans, because everyone knew that we would probably soon return within the same family. We were already very much in touch with our interdimensional and ethereal selves, only returning to the One to refresh ourselves in the realms of timeless infinity.

The plan that Pan shared with us called for altering our DNA to shorten our life spans to a mere thirty to ninety years, fully immersing ourselves in elemental incarnation as Earth humans. By shortening our life spans to the present duration, we planned to be able to move in and out of adventures and to experience every facet of every way of being, since we would then be able to incarnate twenty-five to one hundred times in the span that we normally experienced as one lifetime.

The following is a simplified description of the process that began the universe we inhabit now.

Because we love experiences and continually create new ways of being, we conceived this universe, as we have many others, to experience the depths of consciousness in a context that was different from that of any universe we had previously created. We knew that the feeling side of consciousness would experience every extreme in its emotional realm. Because we agreed to forget our true identity, we would create a multitude of uncertainties and confusions. Meanwhile, the reasoning side of our consciousness would then have to come up with explanations for its experiences; any explanation would do, as long as it supplied a reason for whatever happened.

While we knew that we were headed for a difficult path, we also looked on our challenges as a necessary part of the creation process. The reasoning side of our consciousness, rejecting whatever disturbed its bliss, would shove the disturbance away in judgment. This fragmentation would become the basis for the expansion of our new universe. This is where we learned that what is rejected and denied takes on a life of its own.

As the reasoning side handed us its judgment about our experience, the feeling side of us, incapable of reason, would take in the judged aspects as they were being shoved away, rejected by reason. This process marked the delineation of the mental body beings and the emotional body beings in our present universe. It was an eternity before Pan finally found a way to merge these two parts of our consciousness again into a tenuous relationship, together with an elemental form, in a Triune Merger.

It will help you to understand that the emotional body beings were our female expression. As you read, you will learn of our experiences in dense physical-or elemental-incarnation.

When my writings in Biography Of The Universe: the First Pulse of Time to the Present describe our joint emotional body/elemental body incarnations, such as when we inhabited the bodies of the dogfaced Yanapaw, you will learn that we were female, not male. The females we were incarnated within were the leaders and teachers of the species, having an emotional body advantage, while the males of the species were elemental beings who lived mostly in survival mode.

The creations of the mental beings in the Central Sun system manifested as instant, impermanent expressions of the thought forms they were focusing on at the time. The male expressions of our consciousness failed to come up with any reason to join us in the denser dimensions, preferring the bliss of their nearly exclusively mental realms. Only in the Triune Merger form that led to the development of the human being were we able to persuade them to join us in density. It was then that we began to incarnate as either female or male, depending on the agreement made between the emotional- and mental-body beings involved in that key incarnation.

Now that we are able to see with fewer and fewer veils, we can realize that we have all done well. Each of us has experienced every side of victim/perpetrator, and the consciousness on Earth has finally reached a level never before attained anywhere in the universe. We can more often feel the experiences of those we interact with because we have been there. We can now know how it feels to be on the receiving end of what we are expressing. Our plan for experiencing victim/perpetrator consciousness from all sides has worked, allowing us to discover the root causes of the violence and separation this creation has experienced since its inception. As an example, today we are likely to be concerned about a person's well-being even if he or she is threatening us.

Not everyone on Earth has awakened to this level, however, as is evident when we look at the fighting still going on around the globe. Nevertheless, enough of us have changed our paradigm to make it possible for consciousness to soon make a drastic shift.

Eventually, those who cannot find a way to shift their consciousness will find a way to leave the Earth. If they decide to return to the Earth, they will automatically come back with the expanded consciousness required for life on Gaia's planet.

As our ascension to higher consciousness and total remembrance progresses, the understandings that each of us gains in this grand lesson are infusing the consciousness of everyone awakening here on the Earth. Our awakening consciousness will, ultimately, contribute to the ascension of the consciousness of everyone in the entire universe.

The events that we experience through the sudden raising of our consciousness level, as we now begin to ascend above the thick veils of fear and anger resulting from the victim/perpetrator experience of this duality, will be breathtaking. Though this has been a painful and frightening process, what we are creating is so wonderful that we would do it again. Like any mother who suffers through pregnancy and childbirth, the evolutionary creation we are birthing at this time on this planet is worth all that we have endured. We would not change a thing.

One of my favorite memories provides an explanation for why we cry when we hear of the death of a beached whale, why we're indignant about eating tuna from a fishery that may have harmed dolphins, and why we cheer when they free orcas, dolphins, and other cetaceans from traps and captivity.

I have remembered that the cetaceans are our close family. As incredible as it may seem, they are our sister race!

Oh!!!!!! I remember now . . .

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Author: David Williamson


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